Reunited After 15 Years: Mary and Tom

Published: August 6, 2013


Through the careful planning of Program Director Jacklyn Grant and Assistant Program Director Lorector Asongwed, Bridgewell resident Mary Liz was able to reunite with her brother Tom after not seeing him for more than 15 years.

Pictured Above: Mary Liz and Tom hold hands during their reunion.

According to Jacklyn Grant, “It was incredible to see them together and even more incredible that they recognized each other after so long. Mary Liz and Tom have almost identical disabilities and could not have the verbal communication so many of us take for granted, however upon seeing each other they immediately interacted with each other in different ways. They were holding hands, smiling, and really seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. “

Tom also has developmental disabilities and is living in a group home in Needham.  At one point they were living together at a Bridgewell residence, but were separated in the mid-1990s.  Due to the determination and planning of Bridgewell staff and the staff at Tom’s home, they were able to arrange a dinner.

This is a wonderful example of the determination of Bridgewell staff, and their compassion for the individuals we serve.

Thank you to Jacklyn and Lorector for setting up this reunion for Mary Liz and Tom!

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