Safety at Lynnway

Published: March 10, 2016


The Lynnway Day Habilitation Program’s Safety Committee, which consists of individuals served at the program and staff, advocated for a First Aid and CPR training at one of the monthly meetings. Earlier this month, Staff Developer Sarah Myers provided the training and certified 16 individuals – nearly everyone on the committee and several other interested people.

The Lynnway Safety Committee, which stems from Bridgewell’s overall Safety Committee, is committed to making the building as a whole a safer place, and the Committee posted signs for neighboring businesses to promote safety as well as offered many trainings to our peers and neighbors.

Sarah works in Bridgewell’s Training Department, which provides training to all Bridgewell employees. Last year alone, the training department trained 2,888 Bridgewell employees in CPR, CPI, PAC and MAP, clinical skills, supervisory skills, program operations and a variety of direct support topics.

Program Director Lizabeth Dollard is so proud of the committee’s dedication to safety and grateful to Sarah for providing this valuable training!

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