Senator Eileen Donoghue Visits Bridgewell&#39s Pathfinder Drop-In Center and Apartments

Published: July 25, 2012


Last month, Senator Donoghue visited Pathfinder Drop-In Center and Apartments to learn more about Bridgewell’s homeless and housing services.

Program Director David Robinson and Director of Residential Services Shirley Gosnear along with President & CEO Bob Stearns and Director of Development Cari Palmer led the tour through both buildings explaining the various services provided.

The Pathfinder Drop-In Center serves close to 43,000 meals annually while also providing a safe place for homeless men and women in the Lowell area.

While at the Drop-In Center, individuals can shower, do laundry, eat and meet with case managers to help work toward self-sufficiency. Bridgewell’s Drop-In Center also has a resource conference room where other Lowell-area nonprofits can use the space for meetings, professional development and more.

Click here to learn more about Bridgewell’s Pathfinder Drop-In Center and Apartments.

Pictured above: As the tour moved to the Pathfinder Apartments, Senator Donoghue toured Charmain’s apartment – one of the first individuals to move into the housing units. She was able to share her personal story and expressed her gratitude for her home and her new life.

Click here to learn more about Charmain, who was featured in our 2009 Gala video!


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