Special Olympics Polar Plunge 2014

Published: March 6, 2014


A big thank you to everyone who supported Team Bridgewell at the Polar Plunge this year.

Together, we raised $1525 for Team Bridgewell. We had a huge crowd this year representing Bridgewell including individuals in our care, staff members, family members and guardians! The weather was beautiful! The air and water temperature were about even making the plunge less frigid!


Kelli Hyland, Staff
Renee Heusser, Staff
Sarah LePoer, Staff
Jessica Crowley, Staff
Willy Duran, Staff
Jackie Isabor, Staff
Darlene Dilisio, Staff
Erica Furey, Resident
Joe Sikes, Friend
Annie LePoer, Friend
Syd Jankowski, Friend

There was a crowd of “chickens” (supporters who didn’t plunge into the cold water) including several residents, family members and staff.

Thank you to everyone who plunged, cheered on and donated to Team Bridgewell!


Erica and Kelli pose for a photo after the plunge – Brrr!

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