St. John’s Prep Volunteers: Service with a Smile!

Published: March 29, 2016


Bridgewell had several volunteers from St. John’s Prep at a few residential programs as part of the Prep’s Service with a Smile volunteer program on Holy Thursday.

With their parents, students Dave and Connor provided a much needed spring cleaning and organization at a home in Tewksbury. They organized and emptied the basement of one program, organized all the cleaning and supplies, and even did some raking and leaf removal in front of the house. The cleaning project was a huge undertaking and filled up three dumpsters.

According to Residential Supervisor Jessica Primo, “It was such a great experience! They were all ready to jump in. They worked so fast, and were always asking, ‘What else can we help with?’ They even offered to come back if we needed any other help with anything.”

More volunteers helped another Bridgewell home in Wakefield by cleaning out cabinets and organizing the storage closet.

Program Director Devaney Sloan said, “The people who came over to help were wonderful. I gave them two tasks and they were willing to help with more. I asked one guy to clean the cabinets and during the process he even fixed the screws on it and also changed a light bulb. They were all amazing and I would be delighted to have them back again, what wonderful people!

This volunteer effort was part of the St. John’s Prep’s theme of No One Walks Alone to include the wider community, as more than 450 students, faculty, staff, and parents volunteered at a variety of local organizations. Prep people were painting, cleaning, packing medical supplies, visiting with senior citizens and serving meals on an awesome day of working side by side in partnership with others.

To all the volunteers: Thank you for all your help!

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