Staying Connected to our Services & Community

Published: April 16, 2021


More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our community, like many others, is feeling a lack of social connection. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, Bridgewell has continued to deliver on its mission by forging connections with those in our programs and their families, the community, and our staff.

Early in the pandemic, Bridgewell was forced to close day programs and employment support programs, and we needed to change how we operated our behavioral health clinics, residential homes, and other housing programs to ensure safety. In an effort to keep the people we serve connected and on a routine, our staff worked quickly to shift to virtual programming. Bridgewell’s Family Support Center took the lead in partnering with area agencies to develop a schedule of over 30 weekly virtual program activities, drawing more than 500 logins each week from people across Massachusetts.

Our strong connections to our partners, staff, community, and families were what enabled us to continue on with our mission during a time when our work was even more critical for the most vulnerable in our community.

“There’s so much great energy in these virtual classes, and it brings a lot of families together both inside and outside the Bridgewell community. Having daily classes to attend on Zoom helps them maintain a schedule,” said Judith Doherty, Bridgewell’s Family Support Center Program Director and Autism Specialist.

Bridgewell parents and families have connected in unexpected and inspiring ways over the past year and have grown stronger while facing the challenges of the pandemic. In this People of Bridgewell video series, we hear from Christine and Becky, a mother-daughter duo in Bridgewell’s Family Support Center. Together they share about their experience participating in Bridgewell’s virtual programs and how they have helped them maintain strong connections throughout the pandemic.

It’s clear that the power of connection can get us through life’s most challenging moments, and at Bridgewell it’s why our focus has always been on connecting people with possibilities. We are dedicated to ensuring people with disabilities and other life challenges are able to receive a range of social and human services, including Disability and Autism Services, Recovery Services, Behavioral Health Services, and Homeless & Housing Services. Founded in 1958, Bridgewell provides more than 100 programs across 23 communities throughout Eastern Massachusetts to more than 6,250 people annually.

How have you stayed connected over the past year? Share your stories with us and keep the connection going .

Thank you for being part of the Bridgewell community. Together we can empower hope and continue #BridgingConnection.

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