Summer Bucket List for Rita

Published: July 12, 2016


A Note from Program Director Jamie Hersey:

When 89 year-old Rita, who lives at Bridgewell residence in Amesbury, requested to go on a vacation this summer, she was asked to come up with her ultimate wish list of all of the things that she has always wanted to do but has not yet had the opportunity.

Rita’s first response is that she has always wanted to “fly.” Having never flown before, she has always wanted to see what the view is like from up above. As a life-long Red Sox fan, Rita’s second wish was to visit Fenway Park to see her beloved Red Sox play a game.  And lastly, Rita wanted to spend a day at the beach with her toes in the sand. Rita spent some time planning her vacation and was recently able to complete it!

She took a helicopter ride along the coast, watched the Red Sox beat the White Sox in extra innings and spent a relaxing day barefoot at Salisbury Reservation. She could not have been more excited to check a few major things off her bucket list!


Whether it’s an individual in our residence checking off their bucket list or a group of clients in recovery attending the theater for the first time, your donation funds the important social and recreational activities that help encourage independence, confidence and happiness. The types of experiences your contribution will support are: tickets to live theater, music and sporting events; gift certificates to restaurants; movies; variety of outdoor activities and special events.


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