Thank you, Reverend William Simpson!

Published: November 14, 2012


More than 25 years ago, Reverend Simpson started chairing the Mental Health Human Rights Committee and gradually became involved in several of our Developmental Disabilities Committees, chairing the North Shore Human Rights Committee for a number of years.

Bridgewell’s three Human Rights Committees were established to promote, safeguard and protect the human dignity and legal rights of persons served by reviewing, monitoring and investigating the activities of Bridgewell programs.

Reverend Simpson chaired our bi-monthly meetings and participated in numerous annual human rights site surveys, visiting many of the Bridgewell homes to ensure that the rights of the individuals served are supported and respected. He has always been kind and respectful while getting his point across to committee members and support staff.

He has also on occasion presided over memorial services for individuals in Bridgewell’s care. During the memorials, he focused on the joy the individual had brought to lives of those who worked and lived with them. He was very respectful of the individuals receiving services and celebrated their lives.

Bridgewell and all the members of the Human Rights Committees thanked Reverend Simpson for his many years of service at his last meeting by presenting him with a token of appreciation.

In his thank you, he wrote:

The over twenty-five years of association with the North Shore Human Rights Committee and predecessors has brought its own reward. This has been not only a time of service for me but even more so a time of learning and gaining greater insight into the lives and need of certain populations within our communities. I am deeply indebted.

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