Thank you to Showcase Cinema in Revere!

Published: May 9, 2019


Feel Good Story: Bridgewell wants to take a moment to recognize the Showcase Cinema in Revere! 💜💛

Bill, who lives in one of Bridgewell’s residences, struggles to go out in the community. He’s home for large chunks of time, and the other day, one of the staff convinced him to go see a movie. Mixing up the times and theater locations, they arrived at the Revere Cinema where she realized her error when the show wasn’t available. Before they could leave, the cinema manager intervened and directed them to one of the open theaters. He ran the movie “Dumbo” just for the two of them. Bill thoroughly enjoyed himself and appreciated the accommodation. 🎥🐘

How great is that? On behalf of everyone at Bridgewell and especially Bill, thank you to the Manager and Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere!

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