Tony’s Art Gallery

Published: November 21, 2017


Bridgewell resident Tony, while returning from Plaster Fun Time, stopped at his favorite Dunkin Donuts. The staff complimented his artwork and Tony offered it to them to keep. They displayed the art piece on the wall for everyone to enjoy. Tony added more and more art until the entire wall was filled and Dunkin Donuts added a framed sign recognizing him. The installation has been very well received and some customers have been disappointed to hear that the art is not for sale.

What makes this a remarkable story is that less than two years ago Tony had serious health problems. Tony would only leave his home to go to Dunkin Donuts. The staff used Tony’s desire for Dunkin Donuts to motivate him for walks and adventures, which led to an almost 150 pound weight loss.  Also, Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services recently awarded Tony with the 2017 Certificate of Achievement for Exemplifying the Ideals of Self-Determination.

To see Tony’s art in person, visit Dunkin Donuts at 407 Amesbury Road in Haverhill.

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