Updated Mission and Vision

Published: September 26, 2019


Over the last few years, Bridgewell has grown and expanded. We’ve had changes to our service lines, staffing and more recently, we’ve updated our mission and vision to reflect who we are as an organization.

Bridgewell’s updated mission demonstrates that we are not only an organization working with people with disabilities, but a full-service, human services organization that supports the entire community including those working toward recovery, experiencing homelessness or behavioral health challenges. Our new mission statement is: Bridgewell inspires hope and empowers people experiencing life challenges achieve their fullest potential.

As we commit to our mission daily through all of our services and programs, we also have an eye to the future and have simplified the Bridgewell vision. Simply put, Bridgewell strives: To be unwavering in the pursuit of dignity and opportunity for all who face life challenges.

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