Urban Youth Collaborative Program Interns 2016

Published: September 1, 2016


This summer, Bridgewell had close to 30 interns from administration to programming. Of the 30 internships, 10 positions were funded through the Department of Developmental Services’ Urban Youth Collaborative Program, which provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to learn about the field of disabilities.

Through internships in day programs, residences and related administrative functions at Bridgewell in facilities north of Boston, students learn about providing supports to people with life challenges and disabilities and are able to actively contribute to the day to day supports provided.

These internships allowed students to put a “human services” perspective on their majors. For example, nursing and occupational therapy students were paired with health care and occupational therapy staff to better understand how those skill sets are used daily at an organization like Bridgewell.

It is our goal that students not only have a fulfilling summer internship, but that they will consider working as a part time or full time Bridgewell staff at the end of their internship, or consider additional college education in this field.

Thank you to all our interns!

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