Veggie Drive for the Pathfinder Drop-In Center

Published: August 19, 2011


On August 18, Bridgewell employees held a “Veggie Drive” at the annual Management General Meeting and year-end BBQ.

With more than 100 employees in attendance, a van full of vegetables and fruit was collected for Bridgewell’s Pathfinder Drop-In Center in Lowell.

Pathfinder Drop-In Center Assistant Program Director Lynn Ducharme helped fill the van and transported all the fresh produce back to the Drop-In Center.

Collecting everything from apples to zucchini, the “Veggie Drive” was held due to an increased demand for meals at Bridgewell's Pathfinder Drop-In Center.

Bridgewell is currently working with local farm stands and food donation organizations to increase supplies and continue meeting the needs of individuals in Lowell.

If you have any questions regarding food donation, please contact Dave Robinson at the Pathfinder Drop-In Center: or (978) 459-3387.

Left to right: Residential Supervisor Peter Papadopoulos, Program Director Sam Mrani-Alaoui and Residential Supervisor Vincent Van Der Linden helped stock the van.

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