Great Quality of Life for Life

Published: June 28, 2012


Bridgewell’s continuum of care adapts and meets the changing needs of each individual allowing the opportunity to stay in Bridgewell services for life.

Harry, pictured with Bridgewell COO Kelly Johnson, is one example of someone who has aged well with Bridgewell. Harry has been in Bridgewell’s services since 1981 and now lives at Bridgewell’s Stocker Street home in Saugus.

As a young adult, Harry spent his days at a corner store in Lynn’s McDonough Square where he had a great rapport with the customers.

Before his retirement at the age of 74, Harry worked at Morgan Memorial. Now retired, he fills his days with good food, naps and going out into the community. Harry, a coffee enthusiast, loves going to local coffee shops to socialize. He always brightens up a room with his jovial attitude and hilarious sarcasm.

As an agency, Bridgewell is proud to serve Harry for the past 31 years, and looks forward to the future services we can provide to him as he ages.

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