Bridgewell Explores Plum Island

Published: August 27, 2015


A big thank you to the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation!

The Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation provided a grant to purchase two beach wheelchairs for residents at our Mudnock Road home.

Each year, residents at this home save their money and together rent a house on Plum Island for one week during the summer. Four of the five residents require beach wheelchairs to physically access the sand and water. Everyone deserves to experience the joy and beauty of the beach, and thanks to the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation, these beach wheelchairs will help bring this meaningful experience to these individuals, and others, year after year.

Pictured: Thomas enjoys the beach on Plum Island earlier this summer.

The beach wheelchair will be stored at Mudnock, but other programs and residences can borrow it to help more individuals enjoy the beach.

Thank you again to the Institution for Saving Charitable Foundation!

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